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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

How to reduce mental stress?

Home should be very peaceful place because child go to the society through home. If the child doesn’t have solid foundation to the home. There is a high Possibility to forsake in the society. If the child has a good and solid mind he or she will never get lost in the society.
          So, then the home interior should be very calm and decent even though our society is patriarchal. The main role of the house is mother. The beauty of the interior of the house depends on the mental clearness of the mother.
          Can you expect a peaceful surrounding from a mother who is full of jealousy and possessed from anger and stress?
          Try to remember such a situation for a moment. If you are the mother you win beat to the children, family members and even pets, in such a situation?
          Mostly the main reason for mental stress is comparing each other. Many mothers became stressful by comparing her children with neighbor’s children.
          At the home you reduce your jealousy about that children by beating or blaming your own children.
          Comparing is not a good activity. In there you will be mentally stress and finally you’ll be a patient, you have to keep that in mind.
          Most underrate mothers next activity is less considerable about themselves.
          Are you this type of mother? If you are a women who doesn’t do any job, do you spend your whole day in a nightdress? Or you just spent your time without brushing your teeth or combing your hair, telling that you don’t have time?
          If you abandon yourself, you’ll be the cause for the family problems. Then you’ll be the only one who has to regret, later.
          Many people in this society suffer from mental disorder. There, they cannot understand. What are they doing or what should they do.
          When you have expectations then you can always try to fulfil then at any rate. Addition to that if you cannot do that you try to fulfil them using your children.
          All your works will be mess up if you have to live your life with the stress you feel from those thoughts.
          If you can live with understanding about your ability within your social surrounding. You’ll never suffer from mental stress.
          Then the living easy. Your mind will never compare children with other’s children. And you’ll never compare your family with your neighbour’s families.
         You can escape from mental stress through meditation or follow your own religion.

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