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Monday, May 4, 2020

Turmeric as a medicine

Turmeric as a medicine     
          Turmeric is a medicine which healthy for body. It destroy germs and it is a food too. It is very valuable medicine use for enhance beauty. Turmeric found firstly from India. But we also have suitable climate to grow turmeric in Sri Lanka and it has good economic values also.
          Too much turmeric for your food. Is not a unhealthy thing. Though we use little turmeric in Sri Lanka. India use them more for their foods. If you can cook turmeric as a curry it will destroy germs in your body and it will bright your skin. Not only that but also, it will brings you youth.
          Turmeric is good for patients who has liver problems. And it is good for hepatitis too. Though some people say that turmeric is not good for hepatitis patients, it is not true.
          We know that steam water can cure headaches and catarrh. Turmeric also good for that. Grind raw turmeric, ginger and put it like a plaster on your forehead. It will reduce pain and feel cool to the head. Not only that but also it will increase apatite too.
          To clean your blood and for rashes, turmeric is suitable. If you have wounds, rashes or skin diseases wash your body with water. Boil with raw turmeric and margosa leaves. Wound will be cured.
          Turmeric is good to erase scars of chickenpox. Grind turmeric with margosa oil and apply it on your skin. The problem will solve.
          Add more turmeric to the foods of breast feeding mother. The milk will be more Purer and it is good to the mother also.
          To enhance sperms, turmeric is a fine medicine. The person who has problem with sperm dispate/disposal turmeric is good. You can use turmeric for the swelling places in your body. And turmeric use as a beauty treatment.
          Turmeric curry is very tasty. It is a frequent and definite dish in Indian households especially where young daughter live. The reason for this is, turmeric can protect them from germs and it bright their skin as well as prevent pimples.
          The heat can be reduce by eating turmeric frequently. It will cure Gastritis. If those people can eat it daily these illnesses will not occur.  

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