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Friday, May 8, 2020

Cashew for heart beats and dizziness

Cashew for heart beats and dizziness
          Many people like to eat cashew. But most of them don’t know the qualities of it. Many people think that cashew is not good for blood pressure and cholesterols because it contains high fat. But today you will know the merits of the cashews.
Importance of the cashew          
          Cashew is a very tasty instant fruit. You can have it in your leisure like a snack. It’s really good for you. It helps your muscle performance through bite.
          Though you take this in your leisure, the doctor says that it can fix fractured joint previous status.
          Not only that but also Cashew can reduce cancers in colons.
Cashew is a doctor sometimes.
          Though many people prefer to eat cashew. It is not a fruit everyone get it is acrid in taste. It is herbal medicine also. It has ability to destroy the bacteria. It can cure diarrhea. Not only that but also they have found that cashew can accretive sexual feelings through experiments.
          Cashew has ability to control blood pressure and Diabetes and also help to maintain body temperature. It can reduce fewer too.
          Cashew contains Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, Zink, Copper, Protein and Phosphorous. It is fibrous food and it can control the weight level. So cashew can reduce obesity.
          Here cholesterol are less. It is not defective for the patient because it is healthy fatty food. It is good for the performance of the heart and the dizziness,
          Cashew contains Magnesium and Calcium so it can strength muscle and bones in the human body. Not only that but also it has ability to strong the delicate tissue which connect with the skin. So, without a doubt cashew is good for the Osteoporosis patients.
          Not only that but also cashew helps to produce melanin which needs for the hair. So this will be a good message for girls and women who likes to protect skin and hair.
          Copper protects the correlation between bones and it clear the poisonous blood in the body.
          Cashew is good for the oral health. It is good for decadence of the teeth’s, blisters occurs in mouth. New experiments show cashew suits for lepers (leprosy) and consumptive patients. Specially it is good for the woman who has irregular menstruation cycle.
          Cashew is very essential for our housewives too. They use cashew for their deserts and as a sweetener.
          Now you realize cashew we use for our foods and deserts is a very valuable thing. 

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